Brand New Colours…

We have the pleasure of introducing a further selection of hand picked granite colours for 2016. In total we have added seven new types of granite from across the world, to be included within our already extensive range of stocked granites.

Please find below some photos of these new materials.  As with most types of granite, photographs don’t really do them justice and it is always best to see them in person if at all possible.

These colours include:


Steel Grey(no.70D) – with Special ‘Caress’ Finish

…honestly, this looks so much nicer than the photo would suggest – you really need to see this in person to fully appreciate it.  As the name indicates, it is a very tactile material.  Feel free to come down to our yard and take a look (and a feel).

Steel Grey Slab Steel Grey Close

Cosmic Black(no.104)


Truly beautiful, especially when viewed in the sunlight.  Would suit most kitchens, but maybe a south facing kitchen with sizeable windows to show off it’s stunning markings…

Cosmic Black Slab Cosmic Black Close 03 Cosmic Black Close 02

Viscount White(no.105)


Striking granite with strong markings.  Again, this would suit most kitchens due to its’ neutral colour tone.

Viscount White Slab Viscount White Close 03 Viscount White Close 02

Valley White(no.106)

If you’re looking for a granite to help lift the light in your kitchen then this could be the one for you.  A lovely light coloured granite with a directional grain to the markings.

Valley White Slab Valley White Close

Paradiso Bash(no.108)

Incredible looking granite with warm tones and very flowing markings.

Paradiso Bash Slab Paradiso Bash Close 03  Paradiso Bash Close 01

Sensa India Black(no.109)


Sensa India Black Slab Sensa India Black Close 03 Sensa India Black Close 02 Sensa India Black Close 01

Sensa Orinocco(no.110)

Double Wow.

Sensa Orinocco Slab Sensa Orinocco Close 03 Sensa Orinocco Close 02 Sensa Orinocco Close 01


As with all types of granite please note that they can and do vary from batch to batch, so when we have sold the above materials and the next batch has arrived, the natural markings and colours will likely have changed somewhat.  If in doubt, please come in and take a look for yourself.