Quartz kitchen worktops are a man made product with similar characteristics to natural granite.  We deal with a number of manufacturers as well as our own range of Quartz;

SCI Stone, Silestone  , UnistoneCRL Stone , Classic Quartz Stone &   Caesarstone


Made from approx. 93% natural quartz, the rest consisting of resin and colourings, quartz is a very strong and scratch resistant composite.  Quartz is also non-pourous, so anything spilt will remain on the surface and not stain or mark the finished worktop.

Quartz is an ideal option if you are looking for a much lighter and consistent looking colour to finish off a modern looking kitchen.  Some of the colours available are now becoming very natural looking and can give a more European marble look, if desired.  The extensive range of colours that we have to offer, means that you should be able to find the ideal shade to compliment and finish off your project, to your expectations.